Services Offered 


Proactive Planning

  • Assistance in preparing for medical appointments or hospital stays 

  • Help with preparing for your loved one's discharge meeting 

  • Assist with the planning of your loved one's medical emergency plan 


Financial Planning 

  • Let our network of financial planners, and elder law attorneys help you create the perfect estate plan for your loved one. We have a network that we can refer to, ensuring their expertise will be invaluable in handling these matters with care and compassion so they leave behind no regrets!



  • Indepth information about how to advocate for yourself in any healthcare setting. For example, Did you know that it is YOUR choice which home care agency, or pharmacy that YOU choose? For a more thorough explanation make sure to contact me with questions!


Extra Self Care 

  • You can have more time and energy for yourself with our help. You will be provided a self-care planner, and a caregiver tool kit to help you organize your loved one's care.



  • Let us help you find resources to best serve your needs. For example, we were able get a free wheelchair for our client! We can't promise that's what will happen but at least we'll make sure all options are on the table and given serious consideration before it comes down decision-making time


Care Coordination and Transparency

  • Care coordination and transparency go hand in glove. We provide a safe space so our clients can be transparent about their financial, social, emotional needs--in return this helps everyone on the care team know what they are working with without hidden facts; it also helps us keep people safe by ensuring that those who need assistive devices or other supports get them as soon as possible!

We help with 

  • Coordination of a successful transition from skilled nursing facility back to the community

  • Determine options including caregiver relief, transitioning to higher levels of care

  • Assistance in maximizing health insurance and long-term care coverage benefits

  • Serve as a liaison to streamline communications among the patient’s and/or “care village”.

  • Attend care planning and transition meetings to ensure continuity of care

  • Identifying resources and acting as a liaison to help set up services


Let's work together :) 

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