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Support, Guidance & Resources That Bring Peace of Mind 

Elder care advisory services to help elders and caregivers navigate the system with ease, willingness, and peacefulness.


Peace of Mind

Know your loved ones receive top-notch care and support.


Take control of your elder care journey with confidence.

Unbiased Guidance

Get expert support for informed decision making.

Quality Time

Enjoy more meaningful moments with your loved ones, while we handle the details of elder care.

Are you facing the same challenges a Rosie?

If so, you're not alone. Countless families battle with...

  • Uncertainty about where to begin 

  • Playing phone tag with providers 

  • Navigating complex insurance and medical jargon

  • Finding trustworthy and reliable care providers and solutions

  • Not knowing what questions to ask  

  • Fear of making the wrong decision about their loved one's care 


We're Here to Help!
Embrace Elderhood & Caregiving with CT Health Advocate's Services

Comprehensive Care Panning 

We understand that starting the journey of elder care can feel like a maze, filled with uncertainties. Our Comprehensive Care Planning service is your guiding light. We'll craft a personalized roadmap for your loved one's care, ensuring no detail is left to chance. With us, you'll know exactly where to begin

Care Coordination 

Endless phone calls and back-and-froths with providers can be a real frustration. That's where our Care Coordination steps in. We become your central point of contact, streamlining communication, and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. No more playing phone tag, just efficient and effective care coordination

Caregiver Support 

Navigating the complexities of insurance and medical terminology can be like learning a new language. Our Caregiver Support service is your trusted translation guide. We empower you with knowledge, so you can confidently navigate these intricacies. Say goodbye to feeling lost in the jargon

Relocation Services 

When it comes to finding trustworthy care providers or relocating your loved one, the fear of making the wrong decision can be paralyzing. Our Relocation Services offer a lifeline. We'll guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you're asking the right questions and making informed choices. It's time to embrace relocation with confidence

Long Term Care Claim Assistance 

Navigating the complexities of long-term care claims can be a daunting task. Our Long Term Care Claims Assistance is your trusted partner. We'll help you cut through the red tape, ensuring you get the financial support you deserve. With us, claims become straightforward and hassle-free

Healthcare Resoource Navigation

When you're not sure where to start and you're overwhelmed by the complexities of elder care, our Healthcare Resource Navigation service is your North Star. We'll guide you through the maze of available resources, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions. With us, the uncertainty of where to begin becomes a thing of the past

Our Pricing Plan

Connected Care Concierge - Ongoing Support Services

  • Bronze

    Every month
    +$199 Enrollment Fee
    • Assist with doctor’s visit notes and questions
    • Care coordination
    • Caregiver support
    • 2 guaranteed 1-hour visits per month
    • Cancel anytime
    • Access to an advisor during business hours (8am-5pm)
  • Silver

    Every month
    +$199 Enrollment Fee
    • 24/7 access to an advisor
    • Assist with doctor’s visit notes and questions
    • Care coordination
    • Caregiver support
    • 4 guaranteed 1-hour visits per month
    • Cancel anytime
  • Platinum

    Every year
    +$199 Enrollment Fee
    • 24/7 access to an advisor
    • Assist with doctor’s visit notes and questions
    • Care coordination
    • Caregiver support
    • 1 in-person visit per month
    • Unused in-person visits roll over to the next month
    • Cancel anytime
How it works

How it works 

Request a Call 

Start your journey with a free initial contact, either via phone or video, to discuss your needs and explore how we can assist you.

Talk with an Advisor

Connect with an experienced advisor who will listen to your concerns, provide expert insights, and guide you through the elder care process.

Get the Guidance You Need 

Access valuable advice, guidance, and resources, along with a comprehensive written report, to help you make informed decisions and achieve peace of mind in your elder care journey.

Our Founder

Empowering Elders + Caregivers: Your Guide to Peaceful Elderhood


At CT Health Advocate, we stand by a simple yet powerful mission: to ensure that no elder or caregiver, like Rosie and yourself, ever has to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system alone.

Drawing from my experience as a long-term care nurse and caregiver, I've seen firsthand both the challenges and the moments of profound connection that arise when families and elders feel truly supported and informed. This is what drove me to establish CT Health Advocate.

My journey, filled with personal and professional experiences within the healthcare system, has given me a deep understanding of the fears and frustrations that can accompany such endeavors. Through caring for my own grandmother, Dorothy, alongside my family I learned firsthand the importance of preplanning and having a reliable advisor by your side every step of the way.

Just as my experiences have shaped me into the nurse and advocate, I am today, your journey will leave its own lasting impact. I am dedicated to equipping you with the necessary tools, mindset, and compassionate guidance to navigate your elderhood and caregiving journey with confidence.

Let's embrace the transformative power of love, peace, and knowledge together. Feel free to reach out to me directly at 860-512-7221—I'm here to support you every step of the way.

With Love,

Ria Irons


Love Notes from Our Clients 

During a recent medical crisis when our daughter was hospitalized, CT Health Advocate came to our rescue. We were miles away.  CT Health Advocate, recommended by a healthcare professional, swiftly resolved complex issues like coding errors, insurance complications, and delayed transfers to a local PT facility.

Ria's unwavering persistence and professionalism in working with the hospital and insurance carriers, her personal support for our daughter, management of pharmacy concerns, and ongoing guidance for future caregiving options were truly invaluable. Ria's personable and insightful approach made all the difference. We are immensely grateful for CT Health Advocate's support during this challenging time.

Family Caregiver in Vermont 

Contact Us

Contact Us


Located in East Hampton, CT

Serving: Hartford, Middlesex, & Tolland Counties  



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